MMTD80 (80 sample thermal demagnetiser). 

This advanced microprocessor controlled thermal demagnetiser offers the following unique set of      features: 

1. Simple but sophisticated programmable Heat/Hold/Cool cycle, no need to manually move         samples from a heating to a cooling chamber. 

2. 4 layer Mu-metal shields closed at ends with automatic degaussing. Samples always in a field <10nT (typically 2-3nT). 

3. Fast cycle, 80 samples to 500 deg C, 15 min hold at 500 deg C, cool to 40 deg C in less than 70
minutes, that's an average processing speed of more than one sample every 60 seconds, fast enough
to keep up with any cryogenic magnetometer. 

4. Robust ceramic oven element and virtually unbreakable non-magnetic sample holder for long trouble free operation. Built in radition shields for ultra low thermal gradients.

5. Controlled atmosphere sample holders supplied as standard (vacuum or inert gas) 

6. 110 or 220V, no additional transformer required. Specify mains voltage when ordering.